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March 14, 2012



Hi! I'm not sure what/where the pattern is? is it the last picture on the page?
Your ideas are amazing:)

Thanks for sharing!


These are adorable! Thank you for sharing.

Charla Anne

I handstitched their faces and machine stitched all the rest.

Treva and Catherine,
The last picture is the pattern. You should be able to pull it off my blog.


That's just what I was looking for :)) Thank you very much from a teacher.


Olá,obrigada pelo tutorial.




Loving your pattern. gonna try tomorrow. I just copied the image onto a word document and printed it on to A3 paper.


Absolutely adorable! I want some for my one bedroom - well, I guess my daughters' will have to do :) Thank you for sharing.

Jan Hamilton

Thank you so much for sharing your patterns.I'm not sure I would be so generous.I could come up with it but it would have taken me forever.
Hobby Lobby has polyester felt that is washable.It comes in rectangles and on the bolt.Some of it is printed or sparkly.They also have glue that is washable. It is a whole new world for those of us who started sewing in the 60's.


This is just gorgeous. Here in the UK we are in the midst of Jubilee/Olympics fever and there is bunting everywhere you look. Your garland makes a fabulous alternative. So sweet for a little girls room :)
I've shared this on my blog today and linked back to you of course. Hope you don't mind.

Hannah Grace Walker

I LOVE them! Did you use a sewing machine, and could you hand stitch them? Thank you, God Bless!

Charla Anne

Thank you ladies!

I hand stitched their faces and machine stitched the rest.


quelles belles ID et trop jolies tes poupettes BRAVO et bises!


merci pour cette jolie idée


Hi, This is so nice i'm planning on making it for my little one's room. I was wondering if you could tell me the fabric that you used for the dress.

Thank you for sharing

Charla Anne

Hello Carka,
I used scraps of fabric I had and can't remember who they were made by. Sorry I can't help you more.


Que linda sua família,me emocionei ao ler,seus filhos são lindos.Saúde para todos.

Colleen, Prudent Baby

Colleen here from Prudent Baby.com. We absolutely love this post! Would you be interested in guest posting it on Prudent Baby? Hope to hear back soon! Thanks so much!


Just wondering if you had any rough sketches or patterns for the carrying house. Thanks so much. And PS: Your girls are beautiful!

Charla Anne

Thank you Colleen! It is so kind of you to ask. It seems like I am always struggling to find time to write and post on my blog. I don't mind at all if you want to use my pictures though. Thanks so much for checking!

Thank you Larissa! I am working on a pattern. I will let you know when it is available!


OMG! My little girl has a dollhouse and lost all her dolls (little people) now I can make these and they are so cute! Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Pascale Cerdan

This is so adorable, thank you to share

Karla Guerin

These are awesome!! Do you have pattern for a boy doll? Sports one? I'd love to try and make some.

Kate MacDonald

Came across these on Pinterest. They are utterly charming

Anna Maria Quagliero

thank you for this tutorial ! Is fantastic!! :)

Charla Anne

I'm working on a pattern for a boy doll and hope to have it in my etsy shop in a week or two:)

Rebekah @ Justfordaisy

Wow! What a beautiful blog you have! And I absolutely adore these dolls. Thanks for sharing your tutorial - I'd love to make a set with dress up clothes like you did! And the house is just adorable! :) Thanks again! x


This doll is so adorable! I have one similar that is a raggedy ann doll. My mother showed it to me oneday so that i could make others.I must have had it when i was a child cause its kinda beat up.


Many many thanks for this tutorial!...
Have a goog week
Aliselle from France


Hi Charla,

I think your dolls are simply divine. I was wondering if it would be alright for me to make a few and sell at a market. I love making gorgeous little crafty things and these are irresistible. I thought it would be polite to ask your permission as I would be using your pattern as a base to begin with.

Kind Regards from Australia,


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