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March 20, 2012



as soon as i saw the nail polish i grimaced! i'll bet all your (mom) readers did, too! and the scissors! eek!


Even with Lily leaving a little trail of what she's been up to...your home is immaculate :)


All of those things have happened in my house. . . over the course of 7 years. Lily is a busy girl! :)


ha ha ha ha
well next week your walls and couch he he he


Oh! ...
My little daughter loves to restore order!))))
She loves toys, books, spoons, plates ...
But with makeup until it has learned to handle!))))
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!))))))))))
Lily's adorable!!
A wonderful girl!

Katya :)

Judy Morgan

no..... this couldn't of been done by my sweet little granddaughter Lily! :)


Oh boy looks like she's been busy!

miss lynn

just stumbled across
your lovely blog.
i couldn't stop
reading...then i jumped
to the adoption posts
and the joplin makeover
post, and i
couldn't stop crying!!!
what a blessing your
little world brought
my heart today.
i'll be back for more!


Oh dear - what a busy girl... and a busy momma :)


Delight! I love all the details pics.. Lily has such a free spirit and I am glad you let her be like that :) Precious!


hehe.. busy momma!
LOVE this! :)


Oh goodness ....looks like she keeps you busy :)


Oh how I can relate! Not sure why 3 of my 4 boys are mess makers. Isn't it amazing how much damage those little yellow scissors can do? Preston got tired of waiting for a hair cut, so he cut it himself, right in the front, all the way down to his head.
What a neat post.

Melissa Hassey

I just love this series!!


I love this so much! One of my favorite things to do is follow my kids around with a camera and capture their comings and goings...and giant messes!


so cute!
Cant wait til my ally leaves her mark around the house...it's coming she is starting to crawl... I better rest up, looks fun but exhausting ;)

heather johnson

This is SO INSPIRING! I have Holly remnants all over my house (that's me eldest's name) and this would make such a cute collage!


Charla, this was the cutest post ever!! I love it. :)


This was precious! Your house is beautiful. Just gorgeous, nail polish and all!


Busy Lily, so cute, love it!

Hopeful Homemaker

I love that your life is real, too! My littlest girl has recently taken care of all those same things with nail polish, scissors, etc. Today I found her outside carrying around the bag of napkins from my pantry to use as a purse! Your family is darling.

julia carter

i have two girls and two boys (my oldest, 7, is Lily too...it is just a great name... anyways, how did you get the nail polish out of your carpet? remover works but it doesn;t get it all out for me. how did u do it?

Charla Anne

Your comments have made my day! Thank you so much!

I haven't found anything that removes it. Thankfully it is in a corner of the room!


Thank you for sharing your children. I can see how much you love them through your visual journaling of their everyday lives.
This inspires me to enjoy the everyday messes they create.


And where did you get those fabulous lunch trays in the last of the series there?

Charla Anne

Thank you for the sweet comment!

I found those cute trays at Target a few years ago.

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