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April 05, 2012


Brenda Weaver

beautiful photos! I love your daughter's blanket tent. My daughter would love that! I wonder if you could tell me how she hung it? Do you have something attached to the ceiling?


What a fun post! The girls hair made me laugh out loud!
Tell Brittany that I absolutely adore hers!!!! It's a great look for her:) glad the kayla had a fake bird so a real one wouldn't take residency!!!


Beautiful, as always!


Something about your blog just always makes me smile. Today my sweet 5 year old and I shared a giggle over your daughters oh so festive styles. Happy Easter!

Charla Anne

Your comments are the sweetest! Thank you!

We attached wire from her curtain rod to the chandelier in the middle of her room and used safety pins to hang the sheets over it.



Love the hairdos! And your photographs are amazing. You really have a gift for capturing those special moments and they are so clear :)
Happy Easter and many blessings to you and yours!

Four Little Munchkins

I can't remember how I first came across your blog, but I've been hooked ever since. There is such a love for your children that comes through your photos. The picture of your youngest by the window made me start running around with a camera because it is so much like my 3-year-old daughter, Julia. (My pictures did not turn out nearly as beautiful as yours, but I know I will pour over them a year or two from now.)

Thank you for the inspiration.

mindy t

Did you make the blanket she is laying on with Heather Bailey fabric? Love the ruffle edge.


These are the best! You are a constant source of sweet inspiration!
love U! :)


Loved the pictures! I love how she is wearing a costume while helping you cook, too cute...and your girl's hairdos!!! lol. Did those last all day? :)

Cris Bispo

I come here almost everyday. I feel so calm and peaceful after watching your pictures and reading your words. Tears come to my eyes very often because I have a so turbulent life. It was not suposed to be so. I have a beautiful family, a safe house, a healthy life and I´m not in need for money or anything like that. So why can´t I live lightly? I have no idea. I will keep coming back as long as you keep spreading this good vibration. Thanks. :)


Oh...I have just discovered your blog. I love it!!! There is so much love in your photos. Have you ever shared any photography tips...I would love to know how you create such dreamy and emotional photos. Thanks. I will be a regular.


Oh I'm in love with the pic of her in the office! The crazy hair is AWESOME!

Jessica Clark

I love your blog! My sister-in-law just told me about you because I take a lot of pictures of our life as well on my blog. Yours is a lot cuter than mine, very inspiring.

My blog is:

again not as cute as yours. I love your pictures!


I just stumbled across your blog and fell in love. Very beautiful and inspiring! I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! I look forward to following along.

Charla Anne

Yes…I sure did.

I plastered their hair with hairspray and it still looked good when they got home from school!

I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. I hope and pray you will find the peace you are looking for. Life can be crazy at times. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have God to turn to during the hard times. I will be praying for you.

I would be happy to answer any photography questions you have:)

I appreciate each comment and love reading each one...thank you so much for brightening my day!



I just known your blog less than a week and cannot stop visiting your blog everyday. Your pictures are stunning, warm and inspired. It makes me bring my camera and try to snap my kids in photo ,hopefully it turns out like yours. But I cannot.

Just wonder how you can capture your little girl picture so clear and colourful. Is it natural light or with any equipments or tips? Because when I take my boys' pictures it always come blurrr.

Many thanks in advance.

Charla Anne

Aww...thank you so much Chananun!

I only shoot with natural light. I'm lucky we have quite a lot of windows in our house. The main rooms in our house are pretty bright and cheery during the day. A lot of our walls are painted white and that helps because it reflects the light. I shoot in manual mode 100% of the time (I choose the iso, aperture, and shutter speed.) If you are taking pictures of your boy and he isn’t holding still, they are turning out blurry because your shutter speed is too slow. I rarely have my shutter speed lower than 125 and I keep it higher than that if I’m shooting a little child. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.


Wow only natural light! You are so talented. Thank you so much, Charla for your advice. I have to try it definitely & keep practicing more.
Many thanks ^_^


Love each of these photographs. Am particularly impressed that your daughter came up with the sheet tents on her own. I love how sweet it looks with her underneath, book in hands. :)

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