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August 09, 2012



Everything you do it's so sweet, it makes me uughg. I love your blog. Please visit mine, it's a newborn and it's in Spanish, bur I really need some expert blogger to give me an opinion.


Congratulations Sophie:)


I really want to buy the pattern, but can't until the end of next week, do you think one will be available?


Hooray for me!!

Thank you so much Charla Anne! Sunny says THANK YOU too and is pushing me to make it immediately! I have atleast 5 other projetcs going on at the same time but I'm thinking this one and the doll house will take priority - thanks to Sunny!

Thank you again! Can't wait to get stuck into it...

Sophie xo

Charla Anne

Thank you Nat!

It will still be available!

I hope you enjoy the pattern:) I just sent it to you.


Helena, Craft and Creativity

Everything looks wonderful! What a great pattern, thinking of buying it. :-)


Great pattern, thnaks for the inspiration.My daughter is 3 years old and I wonder how the dresses will stay on the body of the doll - does she need to do sth special or she could just put it on and off. Can't wait to buy both patterns

Charla Anne

Thank you ladies!

The clothes can be attached to the dolls.


Thank you so much for sharing this idea. Before you released the pattern I was inspired to try some for my niece, and she loved them!
Thank you :)
Helen x

Toni Allen

I went in to esty to buy both patterns of house and dolls. They were no longer being sold. When will you have more. Wouldn't it be easier to download the patterns to each buyer?

Charla Anne

Hello Toni:)
I have more patterns available in my shop. You can find them here...

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