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August 06, 2012



These dolls are so sweet! I would love to make some for my daughter for Christmas; they have the makings of a beloved toy for many, many moons to come.

Boo Hartsell

I want to win! Thank you, Boo

Danielle B.

These are just so adorable!! Can't wait for the pattern!


Oh geez...these are just too adorable!! I'd love them!!

Melissa Hungria

I'd love to win this pattern! I've been busily working on the dollhouse (and I'm not a sewer) and my five-year-old daughter and I attempted a little boy (so glad you've included a boy, as she's a twin with a brother!)but it's almost comical. Definitely needs a re-do!


These dolls are so cute I would love to win!


I'm in love with these sweet little dolls & their houses! Thanks for doing a giveaway!


Bought the house pdf, would love to win the doll pdf! Love that a boy is included. Just bought a new Bernina.

kristine hanson

so, so cute...would make some of these for my nieces...and their auntie, ME!


They are adorable, and I have two little girls that would LOVE playing with them. Of course, I'd need to make the house, too!


So cute!


I love these little dolls. I have been debating about what to do with some of my daughter's baby clothes; I think it would be really fun to make her little dolls and clothes from them. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


Love these! Perfect Christmas present for my 2 year old!

Regina Gittens

Thse are adorable !!! Bought the dollhouse pdf waiting on these to get started !!!

Brenda Melahn

Would LOVE to win the pattern for the girls, then my husband would HAVE to let me purchase the house pattern . I absolutely LOVE your style!!


Oh, I would love to win this to make for my nieces, the dolls are so lovely!
Helen x


My daughter is turning 3 in September, and I know she'd adore a set of these darling dolls! What a clever idea. Thank you for the giveaway.


My daughter would love this!!! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy@evystree.com


This would be so fun to win! So cute!!

Penny Simon

I just bought the doll house pattern and would love to win the doll pattern to go with it... thanks once again for sharing.


My daughter will love these! I can't wait to get started :)

Donna Frandsen

What darling little dolls! The faces are so cute. Would love to win the pattern!

Marcia Bowen

Oh, my..those are the cutest. Hope I win...but if I don't, I know that I will have to have that pattern.


These dolls are absolutely adorable! Love their vintage feel! I canĀ“t wait to sew some of these for my daughter and her friends as I know that these will be the type of toys that will be kept and saved for other generations to come.


So sweet! Would love to win.


Hello, thanks for this giveaway. Beautiful pattern.


Sharon whitten

Would love to win pattern to go with the house pattern. Got it downloaded love it.


So perfect! I just got the dollhouse PDF, and was anxious to see the dolls. My daughter has a boy and 2 girls very close in age...so how perfect can this be. Would love to win them!


These little darlings are so sweet. Great work :)


Ooooohhh I absolutely love those!!!


Love these! Thanks for the chance to win a pattern :)


So darling! Would love to make these for my grand daughter!


You are so creative and such an inspiration! I love the dolls so much!


i want them!!!


These dolls are adorable! I really hope I will win! You are so creative!


Pick me! Pick me! Busily working on the doll house for daughter's birthday in September. Having so much fun! Would love love love to win! Btw almost cried when I saw your recent pic/post re your youngest growing up so fast! It is so true!

Aunt Spicy

the dolls, the dollhouse...adorable!


these are so very precious!!!


love these dolls and my 2 yr old will love them as well ...


I ADORE these felt dolls! I would make them for both my 4 year old daughter and my 2 year old son. They would have SO much fun playing with them!


beyond cute! i seriously, i can not get over such cuteness. great job! greetings from germany!

 CarrieAnne Stark

They are adorable! I am hoping you pick me!!!

Lorena Mora

They're lovely, good luck everyone, keeping my fingers crossed.


Lovely dolls! Also looking forward to hopefully winning the doll pattern to go along with the house pattern I purchased!


They are very cute. My daughter would love it if we win. Thanks for the chance:)


Adorable, my twins would love to make these.


So cute! I would love to win!

sherry k

these are adorable! my 3 year old would love them, and i would love that they are fun and cute and not disney princesses!!! great idea!

Karyn Rastrick

Hi there my two girls would love love love the dolls to go with the dolls house I am making. Thanks for the opportunity to win. xx


So much fun! I would love to make these for my little girls!

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