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September 15, 2012



My husband and I are on a romantic getaway to Savannah, GA right now for my birthday! :). What lens(es) did you use on your trip? Great images!! Bi always struggle deciding what to bring. We flew so I went with traveling light and just brought a prime lens. I already miss the flexibility of my zoom. Oh well.


Beautiful images as always!


Beautiful and happy 4u :-)


I love your blog! I read through it the other night. My husband and I are hoping to adopt a little girl from Peru.
I am so impressed with your creativity and love all of the polka dot fabric that you use. Would you be willing to share with my where you buy it from?



I just stumbled upon your blog this past weekend, and I love-love-love it!


These are beautiful.. Love! Glad you enjoyed a little time away :)

Charla Anne

Your comments made me smile! Thank you so much!

All of these images were taken with my 50mm lens or my iPhone.

That is so exciting! I hope it all works out for you!
I am always looking for fabric when I go antique and thrift shopping. I buy a lot of my fabric at local fabric and quilt shops too. If there is a certain fabric that you would like to know about, just let me know and I will tell you where I got it:)

Rachael Mcbee

That looks like such a fun trip! Your images are beautiful, as always.

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