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October 15, 2012



Oh my word, that's so stinkin' cute!
I don't remember for sure, but I think I found a photo you took of your adorable daughter on Pinterest. When I clicked over to your blog I was hooked and I started following you.
Thanks for the chance to win.


They're so cute! Um, I found your blog through a gorgeous picture of a bag you made for your shop. I fell in love with the way you captured your life. You really have an eye for beauty in the things and people around you =)


I honestly can't remember how I found you but I am sure glad I did!


Oh my goodness! So adorable! I found your blog via pinterest. Love your work, so inspired!


Those are adorable!!!! I have been following you for awhile and can't remember but I am pretty sure it was from your etsy site. I love the dolls you make and wanted to buy one for my little girl:)
Thanks for the chance to win!


I want it, I want it!


I found you through a picture of your dolls that someone pinned. I LOVE all that you make, and wish I could have you help me design my house as beautiful you have yours.

Alex Hopkins

I found you blog via your adorable doll house on Pinterest! I have purchased your tutorials for the dolls a d dollhouse and am making some cute Christmas presents!! Would love to add some sweet elves to the mix!!

Lisa Wilfert

I think I found a doll you used to make in Pinterest, then tracked you to your Etsy shop, found your blog, liked on Facebook and here we are! :)
Thanks! Lisa


Oh boy those are cute! I can't remember exactly how I found your blog, I think by following links from other blogs. I stayed because of your amazing work - photography and sewing projects. And it helped that I have a daughter named Lily too! :)

Chelsea A

I found your blog through the dollhouse book you created for your littlest and then started being consumed by your darling dolls you've made. My favorite is the red riding hood dressed doll. I HAVE to make one for my little girl. So adorable and so personal. Thank you for creating beautiful things.


Just adorable little things, can't wait to make one. I found your blog via Pinterest while looking for doll patterns. Thanks heaps x


So very cute, would love to win and make some for my kids.:)


I can't remember how I found your blog... I do love photography and project life blogs so maybe I followed someone's link to your blog ? Anyway... however I found you I love your photography and your beautiful posts - crafts or general lifestyle ones. Thanks for the chance to win.


So very cute, my daughter would love one of these. I found your blog by googling doll patterns/red riding hood I think. Your beautiful photography caught my eye.


How adorable! I found your blog about a year and half ago via another blog but I can't remember which one was it. I always look forward to reading your blog posts, whether they are about crafts or sewing, photography or your family, they are always full of soft colors, pretty words, and one can just feel how much you love and enjoy being with your family! There is no doubt that this pattern is a must have for Xmas!


I can't remember how I found you but I was smitten from the very beginning! Love your sweet creations!


Hi Charla, I was waiting for your next picture as a child waits for his mom coming home after a working day! With your blog all my childhood emotions coming up again from my heart.
I met you and your family while I was looking for a new idea to celebrate my daughter birthday.....and I found it!!! ;-)
Arlette Rome Italy

ruth de castro

I found our blog through our children's photgrapher Alexandra Frankel :) and you have inspired me ever since!


I found you on Pinterest! Love all your dolls and makes and photography! Just plain stunning! <3


I found you via google, because I was looking for a fabric doll chain...and I found it here on your blog!!!
xxx Alessandra


They are sooo lovely!!! :-)
I found your blog thanks to Amy´s blog (nanacompany.typepad.com)
Thanks for the chance to win! Have a nice weekend! Jolana


God leaded me here...I almost can't remember but somehow recall the two years old lily's photo. I AM happy to find your blog anyway:)

Kimberly W.

Soo cute! Just love them! I found you from a link on Pinterest. :)
Thank you so much for the chance.

Emiliana Veres

I found you through another lovely blog of my country (http://floridecires7.blogspot.ro/)She speaking of you on FB and I began to love all your dolls and appreciate what you live:)


I found your blog from an image i found on pinterest
and it is just lovely :)


I found your blog from Pinterest and have been glued ever since the little felt dolls are the best.


Sooooo Cute!!!! I found your blog via a picture on Pinterest...and then I was hooked!!

Joann Osborne

Hi. To be honest, I don't exactly remember how I found your blog. I do remember "surfing" and finding you and the photos of your lovely family. I love your sense of style, your choice of colors, and the nostalgic feel of your photographs. THEN, I saw that you were a talented crafts person. Your patterns are soooooo cute. The elf pattern would make a great Christmas gift for my niece. (She's my little helper.)

Rinda Sjarif

I'm running out of the adjectives! L • O • V • E


love, love, love! I found your blog through a google search! I was looking for some adoption blogs and your sweet little site popped up!

Laura Schumacher

I found your blog when I was surfing on the blogs about felters and sow your dollhouse... of course I felt in love with your blog your photos and your family. Dear, you have an angelical eye to your family :o)
Kisses from Brazil, Laura

amy dunn

Oooo, adorable!!!! I found you through your etsy shop. :)


These guys are so adorable! I found your blog by way of NanaCompany and I love it. Your photos are really amazing :)


I would love to make these for Christmas gifts! I found you through blog hopping, so glad I did!


I found your blog via Pinterest when I found your felt doll template. I was beyond excited when you published the dollhouse tutorial in your shop and I look forward to all your lovely posts and pictures. These elves are adorable!


So cute! I found it through pinterest


So Cute! Love these.. I found your blog because your my sweet talented cousin :)


I linked to your beautiful blog through nanacompany's blog. This elf is so adorable. I would love to make one of these to sit on the shelf as a non scary, cute version of "Elf on the Shelf".


Thanks for the great giveaway! I think I found your blog via Pinterest as well.


How cute! I think I found your blog via Pinterest. A pin of your felt doll chain :)

linda petrocci

I found you through Pinterest when your daughter's dollhouse popped up. I've followed you ever since (actually "stalked") waiting for the patterns. Your work is absolutely exquisite.

Leah B.

So cute. I think I found your blog through Pinterest.
Thanks for the chance.


These are so Cute! I found you blog because a friends pinned your dollhouse pattern


I want it! Thanks for the chance to win!


Cutest little elf ever!

alicia nelson

Love your patterns:) Found your sight on pinterest I was looking for felt dolls and I found a beautiful blond doll. I wanted her so badly still hoping to either buy a pattern or be able to buy her for my little blond baby doll:)


Oh my goodness!! That is so cute! I would love to make some for my kids! I found your blog a few months back on Pinterest :)


So cute!!! I'd love to win this pattern! I found you through your shop!! :)


Cute elves! I found your blog through pinterest as well. I love your beautiful pictures! Thanks for the giveaway!

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