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November 03, 2012



Beautiful :-). Happy you all had a wonderful time :-)


Oh sometimes I wish I could use that excuse and be carried around all day :) That slide looks like so much fun!

Sophie xo


Your photos are always stunning! It's nice to see your whole family enjoying time together! And that slide looks awesome!

Judy Morgan

Always enjoy your pictures!


Was Lily on that slide too? My 8 years old son wouldn't even get on the regular size slide :P Love reading your family's adventure, thank you for sharing :)


Your photos are beautiful! It looks like you had an awesome family day :)

Anne Elisabeth

stunning pictures, beautiful surrounding! Would love to get lost there :)


Enjoyed the pictures Charla! Love the picture of Lily being carried in the sack! :)

Alyssa C

Aw! so sweet! I especially love the last one.:) Lily is so cute, and you do so well at capturing it!


I appreciate your sweet comments! Thank you!

She sure did and she loved it! If you look real close you can see her pigtails flying on the slide photo:)



I saw those flying pigtails when I first saw your photo, but I just couldn't believe it^^
I will have to show the picture to my son the next time before we head to the park :)


I love all the personaIity! I hope you are enjoying yourselves!


Hi I love your blog...I have beeing following you for the past 2 months...and I like your photography skills..do you mind to tell me what kind/ model of camera do you own and use to take pictures???


Aww...thank you so much Franhtona:)
I have the Nikon D7000 and three Nikon lenses.
85mm 1.8
50mm 1.4
35mm 1.8

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