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November 14, 2012



Happy Birthday Kayla :-) Hope you had beautiful birthday.
:-) :-) :-)


Happy Birthday Kayla! Wishing you a wonderful year! It is lovely that you and your Mom shared your birthday photos with those of us who enjoy hearing about your amazing family. Thank you!

elizabeth H

Do tell where all those lovely dishes are from?!!


OH MY GOODNESS! I happened upon your blog from Pinterest, I think. Then I saw Lily. Then I started scrolling around and then I saw her foster mom...WHO IS THE SAME FOSTER MOM THAT MY SCARLETT WAS WITH! SCARLETT WILL BE 4 IN FEBRUARY. She came to us January 19, 2010. Could they have been together??? Oh my goodness! I would love to talk to you. Could they have been together? We didn't get to travel to Korea so I'm sure there is lots you could tell me.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


I'm happy to see she was treated to such a fine meal. :) Such a sweet girlie deserves it! x


Happy birthday Kayla! And thank you for sharing these special events iof your family's life with the rest of us!


Thank you so much everyone!

The mug and bowl are from Anthropologie.
The orange plate is from a flea market.
and I think I got the other plate at Urban Outfitters.

I will email you:)


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