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February 12, 2013


Tysha Carter

Every time I see your darling girls' shoes, it shoots me back to when I was a little girl - I had leather t-strap shoes just like that (only burgundy!) and I LOVED them! Now, I have two little girls. I am wondering if those shoes are wonderful vintage finds or if you can actually still buy them somewhere? If the latter, I'd love to know! They are perfect! Thanks!


I love that picture of your little girl on the tricycle. She is too sweet!


I can imagine how much she makes your heart sing when she does what she does! Mine is all grown up but I cherish those memories......

I have a 2 yo grandson and he is just as precious in a "boy" way.



She's such a little doll! I love that second picture (and she looks so grown up too.)


It was an honor and a privilege getting a comment on a blog from YOU this morning!! It was crazy because I was JUST showing my husband a photo from your blog and telling him how much I admired your photography - it is what I aspire to someday - and then not 10 minutes later you left a comment on my blog! yay!!

Also, both my husband and I think that wherever you live is breathtaking! You don't have to tell me exactly or over comments - but what love to know at least what part of the country you are in!! Thanks!!

Anne Elisabeth

Just a Lovely girl!

Penny Simon

You must live someplace warm because most of us are covered in FEET of snow.. I love it, but the sun dress, the sun all look so inviting!


She likes domestic things! Seems like she has the gift of hospitality. I used to love all the same things as a little girl and I have not changed. I still like to "play house" and make a house a home.
She is such a pretty funny little girl!

Four Little Munchkins

Oh, those panties on hangers are so funny! I got a good laugh out of that. So cute.


Beatiful pictures and so is Lily :-). Undies was a great pic :-) lol and love your photography :-)


Hello my friends,
Thank you so much!

I found her little shoes at a thrift store.

You are too kind!
We live in the Midwest but travel around quite a bit with my husband's business.
We enjoy experiencing life in different places:)


Alisia K

So cute!
..love the little hanging undies. lol ;)


cute, cute, cute!

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