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December 29, 2013


Susan Tolbert

Merry Christmas to you and your family!! You are such great people!


That last picture is the cutest ever! So precious! I love, love, love your little elf. Great job on your pattern! Happy New Year to you!


Your family is beautiful! So are the little snippets and peaks of your home!

Judy Morgan

You always create such fun for your family! I hope they know how blessed they are.


Such sweet pictures as always! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart of your Elf pattern. It has been such a success in my family and in my friends families! I made three elfs last year and seven new ones this year. My daughter also was so happy when her elf Freddi appeared on Dec 1st and she was actually crying on the 25th and worried that he would go away! She wrote a note for him asking that he would stay a little longer even that he would not magically move around the house during the nights! All the best for your family for the Year 2014!


I love the elf hanging from the light. So cute!


And will you please, please give us a house tour? I am so in love with the little bit you can see in pictures. I would love to have the whole tour :)


These are so Adorable! You such a good Mommy :)


So very cute. Does your elf have wire in his arms and legs so he stays in place?


Thank you everyone for your kind words <3

Your comment made my day! How sweet of you to make elves for your daughter's friends!

I am the world's slowest decorator! Right now I'm decorating our living room and will try to post pictures of it once I finish:)

Our elf doesn't have wire in his arms and legs. He does have a bean bag sewn inside his bottom so he can sit on his own.


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