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June 30, 2016



That's just terrible! I can't imagine how scred you all were. Hope she is feeling lots better by now and looks like she has a cute little helper too! Happy your neighbor came home when he did. It always is amazing how things work out like that. Surely she was being watched from above! Hope you all have a happy holiday weekend.


I'm so sorry she got hurt but thankful things weren't worse!!! So did she get a cast? Get well soon Kayla! Sweet testimony and pictures!


Hi Patty,
Thank you for your sweet comment. Lily has been a great help! I told her she is my little assistant:)


Hello Marla,
Thank you!
I could hardly believe it when the surgeon said she wouldn't get a cast! He put a titanium rod in her leg and it was completely weight bearing as soon as the surgery was finished! She is just starting to walk on it a little bit, but it is slow and awkward.


I´m sorry about that. Our best wishes for all family and specially Kayla. We pray for her soon healthy.


Thank you Lucia! I appreciate your prayers so much.

Raquel Silva

I'm so sorry to hear about this...how frightening must have been for you. Thankfully God took care of you and He always makes things right even amidst pain and chaos. I hope Kayla gets better soon. Hope your mommy heart is ok too...we always suffer along with our kids when something bad happens. All the love, from Portugal. May God bless you.


Our prayers are for Kayla and your neighbor .


Oh my goodness! Praying she has a speedy and full recovery.

Alison Ann

How painful it must have been! Prayers are coming your way. Thanks God she is recovering now! xxxx


Hello ladies,
Your kind words and prayers mean so much to me! Thank you!
I am amazed at how well Kayla is doing. She is already walking without crutches and has no pain!
Hugs to each of you.

Judy Morgan

Looking back over the day it was so encouraging to me to see how God was working behind the scenes & doing one little miracle after another! There was just so many, "just happened" circumstances! God is so good!

Rita Vulgamore

I'm way behind on your blog, so I'm just seeing about Kayla! I am rejoicing with you how God was watching over her, even though she was injured! So thankful for how she is getting along! <3


I agree Mom. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!


Hello Rita,
Thank you for all the lovely comments. We are so thankful for how good Kayla is doing! She recently spent a week in Nicaragua with Brittany and enjoyed it so much!

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