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July 24, 2016



It´s amazing see young people ready to change the world. Brittany has a great heart with plenty of God love. We pray for her and the children she has felt in love.
Love her beautiful smile! Love the pictures!

Raquel Silva

Thanks for sharing this Charla! It's truly inspiring. May God continue to bless these people through Brittany and all the other missionaries. May we do the same wherever we live. ♥ You did a good job with her. She's obviously beautiful, inside and out.


How beautiful! No words can describe this great experience. The photos tell it all. You and your family are so inspiring. I hope to do this experience someday! God Bless You All. xxx

Judy Morgan

I so love this entry...& I love how God is using Brittany to share Jesus' love to the people of Nicaragua! You can tell that the children adore her!


Beautiful ❤️

Rita Vulgamore

It was such a blessing to read of your trip and happenings while in Nicaragua! I enjoyed all the pictures! :) Praying that God will continue to bless and care for Brittany as she ministers to the children! Oh my how "easy" we have it in America!


Wonderful post! So glad you got to go be with her for awhile. I am hoping to go with Jordan when he goes again. God bless!


Hello Lucia,
Your kind words are so appreciated! Thank you for praying for Brittany and the children she has fallen in love with! Hugs to you.


Raquel Silva,
Thank you for taking the time to write such beautiful words. May God bless you today!


Hi AlisonAnn,
Thank you for taking the time to leave such encouraging words. I hope you get a chance to go on a mission trip someday! May God bless you too.


Thank you Mom! xox


Aww...thanks Kris!


Thank you for your prayers, Rita.


I hope you get a chance to go with Jordan. Going on on a mission trip with your child sure is a special thing!

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