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April 28, 2017


Niina Kivelä

She is too sweet! And how lovely that you can homeschool your girls! I find it so interesting as where I live homeschooling is not an option. How do you balance regular home life and study time?

Rita Vulgamore

Sweet pictures! It is truly a blessing that you can do this with Lily! Oh how the time flies by! :(


Such a beautiful pictures!
Have a nice week!


Happy Mother´s Day!!!


Sweet pictures as always xx


Hello Niina,
I am grateful I can homeschool my kids. It is something I don’t take for granted. I can’t imagine not having it as an option.
There are some days we get started late, but for the most part we stay on the same schedule as if they went to school. We are almost always done with schoolwork before dinner time. It is rare that I give them schoolwork to do in the evenings, so it rarely interferes with home life.


Thank you, Rita! I agree!


Hello Lucia :)
Thanks!! I hope you are having the best week!


Thank you, Alisonann <3

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