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June 13, 2017



Sorry about that.. It must be to hard for her, she is almost a baby ;-) I hope she enjoyes summer hollidays so much!
Really pretty in that picture!


Thank you Lucia! I enjoy reading your comments so much! You are too kind. xox

Marla Miller

Bless her! Jason is moving out in August. I don't know what Justice will do. Fortunately, its only an hour away...but..still hard.


I'm really sorry, Marla. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Life is always changing, isn't it?! My kids growing up and moving on has been hard at times. I really struggle with change. I cannot imagine what a mess I would be if we wouldn't have adopted Lily. What would we do without our babies?!

Rita Vulgamore

Aw...bless her heart! :( I understand her feelings; our youngest son, Ryan, was almost 12 years younger than Marla, and he experienced being so...lonely! He loved when Marla had a baby, so we could go stay with her. ;)


I love reading your comments, Rita. Thank you for your sweetness.

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