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June 07, 2017



Great sisters memories! Love the picture!


Thank you Lucia!


Soo sweet!!! They look a little sad...missing Brittany?? :-)


Hello Mother,
Yes indeed! Lily has cried lots of tears because she misses her sisters so much! 

Kayla is away for the summer too. She is working with children at a camp. We will see her sometimes on weekends though. 

I got to talk to Brittany for a little bit Friday. She is loving Africa! It was such a treat hearing from her. She is staying in the middle of nowhere, so she rarely has access to wifi in order to contact us.  
They have already killed 5 rats and lots of bugs at the place she is staying. She said her stomach hasn't bothered her at all since she got there, which is a huge blessing!
It has bothered her a lot since she got back from Nicaragua. If you could pray that she would continue feeling good while she is there, we would greatly appreciate it! 

Love you so much!

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