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February 11, 2011



My girls and have made a special valentines dinner for my husband. I think cooking with him sounds more fun :)

I love your game ideas! We will try a few this year! Thank you for sharing your fun traditions!!!!

Alisia K

how fun!
you're so creative. :)
..love the pictures.


What clever games! I must write them down and try them out. We'll be making heart cookies and decorating them, probably put a mini dessert or food table together because my husband's heart is through his stomach lol The girls want to cut out some toppers and make mini cupcakes and I might make hubby some fun vouchers ;-) Sunday night we'll have a family candlelit dinner. We'll do it all today and tomorrow seeing as Valentine's day falls on Monday and it will be school + work time.


Oh I love these games!! We are doing a "fancy" dinner at home (my kids LOVE to 'pretend' they are eating at a restaurant so I'm going to make it as fancy as possible). I'm definitely going to have us play some of these games too!! We'll end the night with strawberry shortcakes. I LOVE Valentine's day being all about family.


I love those game ideas... Adorable pics too :)

Mandy Lynne

So many inspiring ideas! Can't wait to try a few!


You always make the holidays so special!! What great memories for your family... :)

Charla Anne

Thank you ladies for sharing your fun plans! I love them and may have to try some of them for our next Valentine party:)

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