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March 11, 2011


Alisia K

so sweet.

Anne Elisabeth

I already knew she was gorgeous but indeed her lips are SO perfectly cute haha :) Great photos

Anne Elisabeth

that´s funny, I just saw your comment..
At the same time admiring each others little ones in a whole different part of the world:) !

Mandy Lynne

aw, some of the sweetest pictures of Lily yet.
So precious! x

maria cecilia

Hola, so nice to be here again at your soooooo incredible beautiful blog!!!


Oh my... these are aboslutely breathtaking! Lily is so sweet :)


so sweet...she's just a little doll.


what a little cutie, and those toes are so sweet!!

Kimberly Chorney

Precious, precious, precious.... she is a beautiful angelic angel, ment for your arms. I have thing for photographing feet and shoes, is that strange,lol! I need to work for a shoe company I think, tee hee hee!
adorable piggy's she has. Oh I almost forgot LOVE the new colors and header to your blog...

Charla Anne

I love reading your sweet comments! Thank you so much!


Her lips are soo sweet and I love that last image!!


I wanted to say it since I first saw Lily: she looks just like me when I was little.

CV Love

So sweet photos!

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