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September 08, 2011



Was beautiful. I would like to do my childen's birhtday outdoors, but my chubby's birthday is at the end of October and my son's birthday is in January :(

Love the dolls.

And your photos gorgeous as always.


How fun. Your felt dolls are so cute.


you girls are pure genius'!! what lucky little ones. ;)

jodi pfunder

You are so talented! Love the party and the pictures. My mother made me a doll similar to the ones you made when I was a kid and converted a basket to carry the doll and her clothes around in. It's still one of my favorite things in the world. I bet your little girl will love this just as much.


Adorable pictures, Charla! Love your felt dolls...

mindy t

Beautiful photos, beautiful girl, beautiful dolls! You are amazing!!


What beautiful photos of such precious little ones on their special day! Love the felties too - they are darling!!!
Sara :)


So adorable! Love the theme you girls went with...and of course your little darlings are cute as buttons!


Every detail was perfect! Fun with Dick and Jane was my first reader (yes, I'm that old...the year was 1958!) Your pictures of Lily take me right back to when my daughter Emilee(also from China)was three... this Friday she will turn 10! I love your blog...so full of inspiration...keep up the beautiful work.

Kristin Smith

Wow!!! Incredibly, adorably, amazingly cute! You have an amazing sense of style!

Alisia K

..the most adorable little party ever.


Holy WOW, these are amazing!!!


LOVE! Your parties are so amazing!!!

Charla Anne

Aww...your comments are the sweetest! Thank you so much!


Love the Party and Really LOVE the dolls you made!! Would you be willing to make and sell a set? If so please email me with details :)


Charla Anne

Thank you Kim!

I was hoping to have some new dolls in my shop before Christmas, but there are too many other things going on in my life right now that I need to focus on. I won't have any ready to sell until next year sometime.

Thanks for asking!


Thanks for getting back to me. I will keep an eye on your shop :)


I am in love with your daughters dress, is it purchased? Made from a pattern? Do tell.

Just found your blog and I am in love, beautiful!

Charla Anne

Aww...thank you Jen!
My sister bought that darling dress for Lily. The tag says Olive Juice.

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