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March 14, 2012



these could not be any sweeter! what a fun project to do with my girls!


Thank you for sharing! They are adorable! I was wondering if you used special felt (i.e. wool felt) or did you just use the kind that you can get from Michaels.

Charla Anne

Aww...thank you Carin and Ruthie!

I used felt from Hobby Lobby (the kind that you buy by the yard. I'm pretty sure it is 100% felt)for the face, hands, and feet and scraps of wool for their hair.


Thanks! I can't wait to make to my girl! Love your blog!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

these are absolutely adorable! So thankful I found you via Pinterest, I am in love with this!


cutest bunting EVER!!!!!


Oh goodness so Cute! Thank you for the tutorial :)


Do you have a printable template for the pattern pieces?


Love them! Adorable!

Charla Anne

You all are the sweetest! Thank you!

It is just a pattern I made up, but you should be able to pull the pattern off my blog and print it to the size you want your dolls to be.


This was such a wonderful surprise! I love this garland, but it would take me a long time to figure it out on my own. Thank you so much!


absolutely adorable!!


Oh my.... love these dolls. In fact I love everything you do!! Big fan of you and your sisters. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! Can't wait to make them for my little girl!

Natalia Maovaz

Thank you they are great !!


cute! I've been working on something like this dolly in a pin form for my daughter. This gives me ideas.

Steph B.

Love these! Yes! They would be darling over a little girls bed. Can't wait to do this! Thanks!


Adorable! I've been making baby bunting dolls with faces very similar to this for years. I'll now be making these 'big sisters'. Thanks!


What an adorable garland these little ladies make! Thank you for sharing. I believe my granddaughter will just love them. I found you via Quality Sewing Tutorials.

Rachel Tillie

These dolls are adorable and look totally doable for a novice like me. I haven't sewn a doll before; how do I sew the eyes and mouth?


What a beautiful blog I have stumbled upon. I love your photography and ideas! Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to reading!

Charla Anne

Thank you for the sweet comments!

I did a knot stitch for the eyes. If you google knotted stitch, it will pull up some examples. Here is a link to one of them...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knotted_stitch

for the mouth I just did tiny straight stitches.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! I cannot wait to make a few for my girlies!!!


Thank you, the dollies are extremely sweet and adorable, you did a fabulous tutorial:)


How wonderful!! Thank you for sharing this great idea. This is a super cute idea


These are so cute:-)And I am shocked to find out your name is Charla....just like my daughter:-) xx


I found your blog through Pinterest and am in love with your style. It's beautiful, simple and fresh. Thank you for sharing your life and craft through photos. And thank you for the tutorial!

Blessings, Kaylee

laura @ on{thelaundry}line

This is so sweet, I love the idea of it used as a little dolly bunting. I'd love to make it for my girls' playroom!

Randi-Dukes and Duchesses

I absolutely adore that. I'm thinking of doing a doll party for my little one's next birthday and that would be perfect for decor ... and great to put in her bedroom after the party!


Love love LOVE!


How lovely of you to share this pattern, I'm going to start on these straight away. Thank you for your generosity! Sophie.


Such a darling garland. Thanks for the tutorial!


OMGosh...I Love this. The cutest garland ever! Thank you for sharing the pattern!!!

Lori Burt

I love the pattern and have made a few, but I wondered, did you stuff them at all or use batting in between the layers. Also, did you finish the edges of the dress in any way?

Val Spring

I need to learn how to sew just to make these adorable dolls! Charla, you are amazing and so sweet to share this tutorial with all of us followers!

Charla Anne

Thank you so much ladies!

I put batting inside the doll's dresses and I used watered down modge podge on their dresses to keep them from unraveling.

Viv Tiemann

I am doing something similar for my grandson making super heroes. I am using all felt but if you want to use material, you can cut with pinking shears or use Fray Block from cloth store. Love the little girls and will make them for sure.


i wanna make a boy version doll...can you give me the template?...tq


These are absolutely adorable! I will definitely have to make some for my daughter and and for other friends little girls! Thanks for sharing!


Do you use wool felt for all of your dolls?


this is so cute...thank you for sharing...i'm so happy i found your blog through pinterest:)

Charla Anne

Hi Abby,
I used felt for their bodies and wool felt for their hair.

Thanks again for the lovely comments:)


This is extremely cute! I'll definitively make this and post it on my blog. Credits will be added. THANK YOU.


Thank you so much this is adorable!


This project is sooooooooooo cute! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try this out :)
Stop by my website.......www.Artistmum.wordpress.com
To check out my sewing projects!


This is just a lovely idea! I think I'll be making some of these for a baby shower I am hosting this month.


So adorable and thanks so much for sharing your pattern! A quick question, did you hand stitch the dolls or do a combination of hand stitching and machine? Thanks!

Mary Johnson

Super cute! Great for a photo prop too!

Diva Silva

Adorable!Thank you!


These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing the idea and the tutorial!


For some reason, I am not finding where I can print off the pattern. Could you help me out? :) These are absolutely darling, by the way.

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