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July 28, 2012


Lynn Woodard

I think the patterns are adorable. You are such a talented lady. I think being creative and talented really come in handy when you are a Mom or a Grandmother like me. I love creating with my two little redheads! Can't wait to make this for them, they will love it in church especially! Thanks again for sharing!
Lynn Woodard


Hi dear Carla.

I'm so happy for those two doll houses on etsy and I can't wait... I want the red one.


I want to say that all the work you do is adorable. I'm trying to by the pattern but I can't. Is there any technical problem with your Etsy shop? Lina


Love this little house and dressing dolls :)
How do the clothes stick to the dolls?
Will be watching Etsy for the patterns - thanks

Jessica Abbott

Oh my goodness. Love, love, love!


@Lina - Charla Anne said they will be in the shop next week. There are just two, so I'm thinking if you want to buy it you'll have to watch closely! :)


I just found your blog through FB.
I love everything about your creations. Adorable.
You are extremely talented :)


CANNOT wait! :) SO excited for this to be available! And excited to find out the winner!

Alisia K

You are so creative!
I love the detail and perfection
you put into each project.
You amaze me!


Absolutely, beautiful, the pattern looks sensational. Thank you for your dedication <3 it!


I found your blog through Homemade by Jill - I love it... your pictures are just beautiful


Thanks for your answer, one last thing, about the pattern, are the dresses two - sided because I only can see the front of the doll not the back ? Once again - I absolutely adore everything in your blog!

Dona Reynolds

I can hardly wait for the pattern. I sew specifically for the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital and the little girls are going to love this! Thank you so much.



I love your house design, it reminds me of the one my Great Aunt made for me 16 years ago for a christmas present. I hope my mum still has it!

Linda Moore

I JUST found your site today! LOVE LOVE LOVE the "doll house"! Can't sait to order it!


Are you going to have more tutorials in the shop? I don't see any available...thanks!


I love this doll house. So adorable!!
I want to (try) make one for my besties little girl before they move back to Canada.

Do you deliver to Australia? Or is the pattern in the shop an online printable?

Charla Anne

Thank you so much everyone!

The tutorial/pattern for the little mini dolls will be in my etsy shop soon!

I added more dollhouse patterns to my shop. You can find the pattern here...

It is a pdf pattern. You just download the file and print the pattern yourself.


Hi Charla Anne! I've been checking your shop every single day and I haven't seen the doll houses for sale yet. Did I just miss them? Am I too late? One of my girls has a birthday on September 2nd and I was hoping to order it for her. (I also have a one year old and know I don't have time to make my own ~ plus I don't sew very well!) Thanks and hope you're all well.... XOXO, Audrey

Charla Anne

Hi Audrey!
They already sold, but I have one more I will be selling in my shop this weekend:) I will try to post pictures of it on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for checking!

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