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September 10, 2012



I love her dress! Where is it from?/Did you make it?

And where did you find a wall with a 4 or is that a Photoshop thing?

Thank you!


So Beautiful :-). Happy for YOU & Lily :-)


Lol... The running around in circles for exercise made me burst out in laughter! My daughter does exacatly the same thing only she calls it her 'kekercise'! I've been trying to tell her there's no 'k' in front, just an 'e' but of course 4 year olds know EVERYTHING and mummy is wrong...So 'kekercise' with a capital "K" it is!

Only thing is, Sunny breaks out in her Jane Fonda kekercise modes at the most embarassing times... Like in the middle of a church service! The old ladies laugh and think it's sweet but I'm left red faced trying to pretend that I have a graceful child!

Lily's dress is just beautiful!


Isn't amazing how fast they grow? Love, love, love the dress. And please do share how you managed to have that giant "4".


Happy birthday Lily!
Her birthday is on the same day as my baby... She turned 14 though...
I was also wondering how you got that wall with the big 4 on it... Photoshop? Maybe?

Have a lovely week!


Charla Anne

Thank you for the sweet comments!

I found her little dress at a thrift store. It's one of my favorites on her!

I found that "4" in a parking garage! I was so happy when I saw it:)


Hi! Just found your site! Love your photos! Do you mind me pinning some of your photos onto my pinterest page? I want to remember this craft you made...I think my kids would love it too! And i'm sure there's more things I'd love in your site! =) Thanks!

Charla Anne

Aww...thank you so much Angelica!
I don't mind at all :)


Love these precious moments of your family's life that you kindly share with all of us. Amazing how time flies and your little girl is already 4! Beautiful images of a beautiful girl.


so Cute!

Toddler Boy

Nice photography!! I think my baby girl will like this.

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