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January 29, 2013



Oh I love these! They are brilliant! Thanks for sharing the link :)

Sophie xo

Karin - The F Girl

Aww, she looks so sweet building with those blocks. And I love the prints, cute!

Marissa Noe

Where did you get the cute box for them?!? I love those Ollie blocks and have wanted to make some for my kids.


Love these :)


Everything you do is lovely. That box is a perfect little home for them.


I would love to know where the box came from as well and how you ended up with so many blocks, did you print several sets? Thanks!


I'm already planning to make these for Christmas, but I also wondered where you found the cute box?


I used these to make something for my little girl too. Except, I made into a matching game so that she can play with it during church.


You always create the cutest toys/crafts/photos ever! Love these blocks. Thanks for sharing the link!


Ohhhh the box would be great, may I ask where you got it from?


Hi Charla, your post always cheer me up!
I share your blog to my college in the office and they all love you, your little Lily and your family... you really have a wonderful family!!
Thanks for the idea of the blocks! will make some of that for my friend little girl...


Beautiful :-) and so is Lily :-)


Like the others I am curious about the box AND the aqua ampersand. Is it a pillow? I would love to know where you found it or if you made it. Thanks!


Thank you everyone for the kind words!

I found the wooden box full of blocks several years ago at an online scrapbook store. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the site.
I painted the box yellow, glued paper from Paper Source (link below) on top of the box, and then covered the entire box with modge podge.


I did print more than one set.

That is such a neat idea. I love it!

I found the ampersand a few years ago at Anthropologie.

Thanks again, my friends.


I found your blog today. And I read and read and read All your blog to the first post... I to laugh and cry and love your family and your wonderful children! Thank you that you share it with us! With love from Russia Nika also forgive my English


Thank you so very much for responding to all of our questions :) xo


[gasp!] best blocks ever!

chris broehmer

Hi I love these and am planning to make them for an easter gift. Are your blocks 1.5" or 2"? I am just trying to sort out scale for my little girl who looks to be about the same age as Lily. :)


Aww...thank you so much Nika for the kind words!


Thank you Anna and Chris!

The blocks are 1.5"


I just love your blog! I will stay here:D for a bit longer.

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