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March 01, 2013



she's beautiful and so is everything :-) the cupcake in the photo looks yummy :-)


Aww...thank you Kai!


I love all the pretty details! adorable!


She's so cute! Esp. love the one of her mixing the cupcakes. :)

Kristi Jackson

She is adorable and I really love you've decorated your house. Clean and simple.


Thank you so much ladies!


Charla, I'm falling in love sooo much with your blog...I have seen all your beautiful posts right now.. you're so talented!
I want to ask you where can I buy a chair as the green one of this post. I think you have the same on yellow. I'm trying to find it on internet but I don't know if it has a concrete name but I'm lost.... thank you!!


Thank you so much Hadanae! You are too kind.
I found those chairs at an antique store several years ago. I'm not sure what they are called. Sorry I can't help you more.


Thank you anyway Charla.. I think it's called Windsor Chair, and old british antique. Xox from Spain :)

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