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March 11, 2013


Trista Ybarra

Those are too cute! who is the fabric designer? Very sweet big girl haircut too!


please please tell me where you got your fabrics! it is gorgeous (as are your bags) such a cute idea and i also love the embroidery on the bags. and Lily looks more adorable than usual! barb


Lily looks as adorable as always sporting her new hairstyle! You are a wonderful Mother to put so much love and detail into the Valentine gifts for your family! Thanks for sharing your photos which are always so inspiring and smile worthy!


love love the bags :-) will you have a tutorial? hope so :-) as for lily she will always be BEAUTIFUL no matter what haircut she has :-) take care :-)


What a lovely idea :) Love Lily's new hair... I still can't bring myself to cut my little girls baby locks! Let's see how long I can get away with it...


The bags are so Pretty and I always find haircuts on the kids hard especially if they want to go shorter ! She looks adorable no matter how long her hair is.

ruth de castro

Lilly is such a doll!

Can you please share on where you buy such amazing fabric?


You are so cool! Love all that you do for your sweet family!


Hello my friends!
Thank you for the kind words.
I always look for fabric when I go antique or thrift shopping.
The bag on the left was made out of fabric I found at an antique store,
the red checked and red linen fabric I found at a local fabric shop,
the white floral fabric came from an old Mini Boden shirt my daughter outgrew,
and the bag on the end was made out of fabric from a vintage tablecloth.

I do plan on making more tutorials, but I hadn't planned on making one for these bags. Thanks for checking.



You make everything so special! LOVE <3


So cute! Your so talented and creative~!


This is the first time to visit your lovely website. I LOVE it!!! I will make the adorable dolls with the house for my child someday.Say hello to your family and Lilly from Korea !

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