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March 04, 2013



I recently found your site through Pinterest and have loved every bit of it - very inspired by the beauty you create and I was also a child bride so I love that about you too! (we've been married 22 years in April and I'm still crazy about him)


Isn't that the saddest truth??? I look at my oldest who will be 20 soon and I swear he was just walking into kindergarten in OshKosh B'Gosh overalls.


Beautiful family! I can see your love here...♥♥♥

Alisia K

So beautiful.
..the quote and knowing the story behind it.
What a beautiful family.
Love all of you to pieces!!


Absolutely beautiful! I love how this captures your happiness! xx


BEAUTIFUL :-) XOXO and well said :-)


You guys are so pretty.


Thank you for the kind words!


I'm sure you hear this alot, but you look like your girls' sister instead of their moma! :) Beautiful quote, beautiful family, and beautiful picture! :)


Eeeeeeeep.....you guys <3
And what a beautiful quote...just what I needed right now...

Heaploads of hugs & kisses from Germany, sweet friend xoxoxo

Dana Reeves

I've been lurking through your blog all morning. :D (loving every minute of it I might add) Your photography draws you in and your sweet personality and love for your family is genuine and pure. What state do u live in and are you LDS??

Kristi Jackson

Love this and what a beautiful family you have! I've missed visiting your blog. It's always such a place of light and beauty. I hope to visiting more frequently. :)

Judy Morgan

I love this picture of your family and always look forward to your next blog post! My grandkiddos are growing up on me and I try to embrace each phase of their lives. Love ya.


You are too sweet Marla!

Hi Jesse,
I hope everything is going good in your corner of the world!

Thank you for the kind words! We live in the Midwest and we aren't LDS.

Thank you so much Kristi and Mom!



The first time I saw this picture my immediate reactions was, "wait, are there more kids in the family than usual?", then I realized the PARENTS are in the shot. You two look so young! :) Beautiful family.


Your comment made my day!


Beatuiful family!!

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