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December 10, 2013



Sorry to hear that the life has not been all smiles lately for you! Must be a big change to any mums life when a child is moving out for the first time! Thankfully I still have quite a few years until that day! My daughter and I absolutely love the Christmas countdown calendar you've made with Lily! So lovely!

Sara Torbett

Your blog is such peace and joy to view. Thank-you for being honest and sharing the not so beautiful parts in your words today. I pray blessings of hope, comfort, and Jesus today for you.

Jane Chérie

Your daughter is just adorable! The smiling picture reminds me that kids have this really great spontaneous way of laughing :) I wish you much health and great strength for the winter ahead. I don't look forward to the teen issues when my kids will grow older but I think it's always part of the roller coaster of life. Hopefully you'll get it all sorted out and it will become a good and exciting ride :) Hugs!


What a wonderful calendar idea! Your photos are beautiful, as always and I love how you have captured the joy on Lily's face!


Lily is a darling ! Your advent calendar sweet. Your faith is priceless. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Oh my, that calendar! Love you Sis! xx Your faith is such an encouragement to everyone around you.


I'm sorry to hear that life has been challenging, but am glad you have your relationship with Jesus. xo


I've been there. Parenting teenagers is not for the faint of heart. I hope things are looking up soon. Your advent is adorable!


((Hugs)) to you!!! Emotions can be rough at times...especially when you have one moving away! Thinking of you! Love Lily's advent calendar!


Thank you, my wonderful friends, for your encouragement and kind words! It meant so much to me.

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