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May 05, 2015



Yummy! :) So much to be thankful for!


Волшебный месяц май - я люблю все его цветы, солнце..
Рада, то происшествие с машиной обошлось без пострадавших...


Loved the picture, Charla!

Sounds like a miracle to me, too, that your girls and everyone was spared. A couple summers ago my older daughter was a front seat passenger in a car. A young lady in another car was texting and driving and crashed into the side of the car my daughter was in. The young texting driving had not a scratch while both in the car my daughter was riding in were rushed to the Emergency Room. We lived overseas at the time and our daughter didn't even call us until she knew she would be perfectly fine. When she sent us images, we were very upset! But, oh, how grateful we were for the angels of the Lord who spared us from the deepest heartache a parent could ever know.

So very many parents are not as fortunate as we were, Charla.

God bless your week,


Congratulations to Brittany and thank you God they are well!
Have a nice graduation day!


God Bless :)


Sweet picture, Charla. I agree, these kids grow up toooo fast! Jason graduates on the 15th. I cannot believe it. Even though he's my third one to graduate it feels harder on me somehow. I love them all the same, but he is one of the "younger" boys. If that makes sense. :) So thankful your girls are okay! Have a wonderful summer.


Thank you, sweet ladies!


I'm so glad your daughter made it through okay. We certainly have so much to be thankful for. My heart always breaks when I hear about parents losing their children. I can't imagine that kind of pain.


I totally understand. I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I hope Jason's graduation goes really well. It is hard to believe we are at this point in our lives, isn't it?! Having Lily and knowing I still have several years before all my kids are grown up helps a lot!
I hope you have a wonderful summer too:)
Hugs to you, my friend.

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