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May 16, 2015



Hi Charla,
Your book is beautiful. Would you mind sharing what site you used to create it? What a precious treasure for your and your family.

Thank you!


Love love love the book. Do you mind sharing what vendor you used to create the book?


Ooh, wowie, jippieee! Congratulations with finishing the book! I know how much work it is, although I still haven't made a yearbook yet.. (only theme books for my father and mother). That was a lot of work with scanning!

It looks lovely and I'm curious how you made a selection of which ones to put in or not! Do you have any advice?

Greetings from Holland

robyn fink

this book is lovely! what company did you use for printing?


I've been wanting to do this forever but never know where or how to start. What company did you use?


Love this! Where did you have the book printed? Are the pages like regular book pages. I printed one from a vacation and it's large with photo quality pages and I love how it turned out. I like the thickness of yours, though.


What servicd did you use for printing your photobook? It is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


I've also been wanting to make one, but ive been paralyzed with indecision on which vendor to use (ssince I want them all to match). Curious why you opted not to do a lay flat option. Your book is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!



so lovely Charla...


Great job Charla! Beautiful!


I love your blog. Images are transmitted precious peace and joy, not stop writing!
Someday I'd like to have such a nice family like yours.
Greetings from Spain


Just awesome! :)


What company did you use? Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful book!


You inspire me to get out my boxes of pictures and create a beautiful keepsake book as you have. This will always be a treasure for you and your children to look back on years from now.


Thank you so much everybody! I think I answered all your questions below:)

I used Blurb to print this book. I spent a little more $ to get the thicker pages and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I do love the flat books and would choose that if I was making a smaller book. I decided to go with this style for our family books, because I want to include a lot of pictures/pages and it is cheaper. This book has over 200 pages.

I organize my photos by months. I have a 2015 folder on my computer and inside it I have a folder for each month of the year. All the photos I take in May, I place it in the folder labeled May 2015. When I was creating this book, I went through each month and chose my favorite photos to include.

I created all the pages using Blurb’s BookSmart program. I liked how easy it was to edit layouts or create my own.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Thanks again!



I've wanted to do that forever! I love the way your book turned out and you just pushed this to the top of my to do list! I'm so happy you answered all these questions that were in my head to ask too!


Thanks for answering my (our) questions! Very helpful!


Andrea Ventilla


This beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!All your photos are amazing!!! I am curious, do you photoshop your pics or everything is bright because your walls are white? Which one is more important?

Are you working on any patterns by any chance?? I would love to buy a new one from you:))



I love it! :)


Hi Charlaanne, soooooooo beautiful and always thanking you for sharing. You're a Great inspirations:-)

Vina Ekawati

Hi Charla,

This is so inspiring. I love your pictures, you capture all the perfect moments of your family and group it all together as a year book! I'd love to do this. Thanks for inspiring me.




Thank you for all the sweet words everyone!

Most of the walls in our house are painted white and so it is pretty bright and cheery in our house during the day, but I do photoshop all the photos I print or post on my blog. I try to get my settings right in camera that way I don't have to do too much work in photoshop though.

I am working on more outfits for the Posie doll pattern and hope to have them in my shop soon! Thanks for asking!

Hugs to each of you,


What font did you use for your text?


Hello Kathi,
I used Helvetica and Dartangnon.

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