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March 06, 2018



Love her cute smile and the pop of red at the pic, but I agree it is a hard winter time, also here!
Hugs to you all!


These photos are so cute! Really love them.
I should guess Lily made them!
Well done xox


Soo, soo cute!!!


Thank you for taking the time to leave such sweet comments! I enjoy hearing from you!

Lily and I made the snowmen together:)
The snow was too powdery so we brought some inside on a big tray and once it melted a little it became sticky enough for us to build our mini snowmen! After we rolled each section we brought it outside so it wouldn’t melt before we could assemble the snowmen. Lily thought it was the greatest playing with the snow inside our warm house!

I hope you are having a lovely week❤️


I have only been twice in the snow! I tried to make one but .... never mind ..... it did not have the shape of a snowman!! lol :D xox

Judy Morgan

Love these pictures! The little snowmen are the cutest!

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