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June 10, 2018



Charla this is a real love history. I know all of you will be very happy with J. at home and also he will be. Family is the only thing we let here in the earth, when we pass away and it´s everything during our lives. Thank you for give me a true example of love.
Hugs to each of you!


What a beautiful experience.....
When I was a teenager, I used to help in a home for small children aged two to ten years and it always broke my heart when they left for another home......
God bless your work. tc xxx

Bekah Bills

I loved this post! It's close to my heart... we have fostered a couple of children, and adopted two of them. What an amazing experience it was. I just love these kids so much and feel so blessed to have them part of our family. I'm so glad you get to experience such joy!

Lori Ann

Amazing story and so lovely. God certainly works in His own way to make sure we are all blessed.


I'm sorry to be so long in replying to this! I was busy at the time then kept forgetting! :). Your story was soo touching - it brought happy & "proud" tears to my eyes!! I'm sure that Jesus is smiling down on you ALL!! I pray that he will have long-term blessings and benefits from being with you and your family!! God couldn't of put him in a better home!! I love you all!! Mother


You are a dear. Thank you for kind words. Hugs to you, my friend!


Thank you, Alisonann❤️


Hello Bekah Bills,
How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. We would love to adopt again someday. It is amazing how God uses these precious children to bring us so much joy and bless our lives in ways we would have never experienced!


Thank you, Lori Ann, for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment.


Your comments always bring a smile to my face.
Thank you for always being such an encouragement in our lives. You are the sweetest and I love you so.


Suddenly your little Lily doesn't look so little anymore after taking the big sister role!! This little boy is so lucky to have found his way into your family and being loved and cared.

Judy Morgan

A precious little boy he is!


You are too kind, Niina. Thank you for brightening my day. xox


He is Adorable! You both are amazing people with a beautiful heart for others! 💗


This is so sweet and what a cutie he is! He is blessed to be with you all

Rita Vulgamore

Oh what a precious happening! They seem so happy with each other! God bless you all for your loving and caring hearts!


Your comments mean so much. Thank you for your sweetness. xox

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