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November 07, 2018


Frederica Santos

Dear Anne,
greetings from Portugal.
Your blog is part of my life ( and your family too!!) since ever :)
It is with broken heart, but huge Faith that i read your last posts...
Yes you can overcome the situation..( i am so afraid of being intrusive) .. please consider " rick simpson oil", cannabis is a plant mentioned in the Bible, it is a God's plant with wonderful cure properties..YES your husband can be cured with this oil. Also Essiac tea, a cancer cure ( dr Gary Glum Calling of an Angel") see interview in www cancertutor com/essiac ... All good things from Nature. Here in Europe we use it a lot, even if a loved one choose chemo treatment, he choose also some natural aid from nature at the same time. ( As my father is doing right now...) I hope that your prayers are being answered in magnificent ways. You all deserve everything good. God bless you all. With much love from the other side of the ocean. ( p.s.: check daily your husband ph. Local pharmacies sell little strips to see the ph of the organism : should be ALWAYS alcaline, above 7 ph. Cancer only exists in an acidic environment..do everything possible to raise his ph. Chemo is very acidic. The body needs the right ph to andle a cure..There's a nobel prize on that. Redarding food, the best book is an oldie " Mucusless diet Healing System" by german prof Arnold Ehret. The best of the best) So so so much love for all of you. Have a wonderful night. Many blessings,

Frederica <3


Soo beautifully written!! Thank you!! And I do praise God for His amazing grace and mercy for Galin and you all!! I love you all!!


I do not usually comment, although I am a long time reader and have prayed many prayers for your family over the past few months. The prayers won't stop. This post made me gulp back tears-it was your words combined with the pictures of your husband's hands. I am praying.


Thanks for the update. I was wondering how the treatment was going. Please let us know how we can pray specifically.


Prayers your way, keep strong in God's hands.xxx


Just taking some time to catch up with you and I wanted you to know that I'm sending so much love, peace and prayers for each of you.


Thank you for the update! It is so sweet to see Galin with the children, I love those pictures with them holding hands. I am praying for you all and imploring God on your behalf for healing. May God be glorified through your journey.


"I never had certainty, the only thing I had was confidence". Saint Teresa of Calcutta.
Trust in God. Your husband will getting well soon.
Pics are beautiful as always.
Hugs from Spain sweet mama.


Charla I have had you and Galin on my heart so much this week. Love and prayers!

Jennifer Rima

Sending my most heartfelt prayers to you, your husband, and family!!


I don't even know how to express how much your thoughtful words mean to me. Thank you for bringing a little joy to my heart. Much love to each of you. Charla

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