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January 24, 2019



I love this post. How sweet about your engagement!! I'm praying for Galin and your family.

Sannetta Marsh

Sweetest post ever! I love it so much-and I don’t think I heard the story about where his proposal took place. 🥰

Rita Vulgamore

I love all the pictures of your Christmas! You surely brought some joy and love to your new little boy! I loved hearing of Galin's sweet proposal! Love you all and I'm praying for Galin and your sweet family!


What wonderful pictures! And what a sweet proposal!!


Oh, Charla!! This post is so amazingly beautiful! As I looked and read through it, I felt like I was there with you all!! ( except for in the little red car!! 😂) (...but I am SOOO glad that he asked you that question and that you said "yes"!!). You have such a great talent of presenting things!! Your pictures are always soo perfect!! Thank you for sharing!! I love you, Mother

Frankie Jean Mullinax

Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing.


I really love this post! It´s so sweet! You are a great memories makers! Still praying for Galin.
Very happy new year to you!


Thank you ladies. You sure know how to bring a smile! xox Charla

Judy Morgan

Charla, you are so amazing! All the hard times you've been through & are still going through & you always make such wonderful memories for your family who you dearly love. Always love your posts! Your pictures always have that special touch! I love you! Mom


You are so sweet! I love you more than words can say.

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