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May 31, 2019



Awe...it all had to hurt him too!! Hopefully soon he can have some new little “friends “!!!


Aww, he is so cute and sweet. I am absolutely fascinated with the way little kids think and say things....


Lots of love!!!!

Rita Vulgamore

Aw...so sorry! Bless his little heart! ((hugs))


❤️ wish I could give you a great big ((hug))


I am so sorry for you. Hold and kiss your kids! You and they need it now.
I pray for Galin, you and your family.

Miriam Martins

Frankie Jean Mullinax

You are on my heart and I’m praying for you and the children. Some hard days to get through. I think of the old song “. We’ll understand it better by and by”, not now, when God gathers his saints home ahead of us, and we have to endure the separation. But our blessed assurance that we will be together again.

Rita Vulgamore

Thinking of you, right now, and praying that God will hold you extra close! You and your family have always been a blessing to me! Lots of love and prayers being sent to you!


Thank you sweet friends<3

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