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May 29, 2019



I so want to write an encouraging word to you today, but having never met I sit here and wonder how what I think to say might be taken. However, I would rather say something than nothing at all, so what comes from my heart is:
God can move mountains, He closed the mouths of lions for Daniel, He opened prison doors for Paul and Silas, He defeated the giant for David, He can make a way when there seems to be no way. I pray that this would be a time when you know God's presence and power in your life.

Sannetta Marsh

Ahhhh this post feels me with renewed hope! Love your closing thoughts, so so good!

Martina Hadaller

I have to less words in your language to tell you how much i pray and hope for you and your loved.
Best wishes,


Wow, the Car-T therapy only came about at the end of 2017! We are learning so much about how to use the immune system to fight cancer cells. Will be praying for those cells to go do their job and do it well. I hope the side effects are not too severe. Feeling like a bad case of the flu is no fun! Praying God's blessings for all of you.


Every day with the ones we love is such a gift! Love you!

Alisia K

Love you so much! ❤️

Rita Vulgamore

Praying for you, our dear friends! May God be with you and hold you up! Lots of love and prayers coming to you!


Praying much for Galin and you. ((Hugs)).


Thank you Charla!! Many are praying with you! Keep courage!! I love you Mother


Thank you dear friends. I have the best blog readers:) I enjoy reading your comments...thank you!
Galin felt pretty miserable today. He had a headache, fever, chills, and a temperature of 103. The nurse said they call it the storm, his body is just reacting to the new cells. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow!


Please know that SO MANY are praying for Galin and you! Praying that the miserable side effects will subside soon. Praying Psalm 91 and Psalm 121 over Galin and you. Love you much!


Praying for him.
Lots of love, Charla.


Praying much for Galin today! Much love and hugs to you sweet Charla.


Love you and your beautiful soul! ❤️🙏

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