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August 10, 2019


Judy McQueen

Dear Charlanne, It was so good to read about all your children and the joy they bring to you. And now you have a grandchild to anticipate. God is so good to remind us of His mercy and grace in time of need and sorrow and to give us His presence. I loved seeing the photos of the family and to know that you are in a home at last. I am sure that has helped the adjustment tremendously. I have prayed for you and asked God to be with you in the valley...…….He will take you through.
With love, Judy M.

Sannetta Marsh

Ahhhhh this post has me sobbing! Love you so much!


Dear Charla Anne.
It is heartbreaking jet heartwarming to read your latest posts.
I'm so happy to hear you have a place to call Home again.
It is wonderful to hear though under sad circumstances that you have lived your dreams with Galin and your children. And that God continue to bless you and the children and give you light and joy through sorrow and loneliness...
May God keep you close to his heart.
I will say special prayers and ask God for special blessings to you all. And thank Him for His faithfulness and never ending love to you all..

Rita Vulgamore

Thank you for sharing the happenings of your beautiful family and all the blessings God has given, to you, to help you through this "terrible" time! I'm so thankful you are in your own home! It sounds like such an exciting time, with you expecting your first grandchild and your daughter's wedding coming soon! And, it's wonderful that you have Lily and Jaxson in your life! You are such a blessing! May God continue to strengthen and lead you on! Love and prayers from me! Your "old" friend, Rita


Thank you for sharing the beauty and joy that remains in your life. I don't know of a more grateful and brave person. May God continue to show you the light in your life. You are such an inspiration! With so much LOVE, Kerith


What a blessing and comfort children are to us. They will never replace the journey you had with Galin but they are a marvelous distraction, aren't they? I was just praying the other day that the insurance company would treat you tenderly and fill your needs. So glad to hear you are in a rental home and making your way through each day. A grandchild is a wonderful blessing and something to anticipate for all of you. Blessings on that and the upcoming wedding and for Kayla to find a job she loves. Losing a parent is so hard, but they still have a wonderful mother and that makes such a difference. Please care for yourself well!


I always love reading your post. You have such a beautiful heart! So thankful you have some happy events to look forward to. Love ya💗


Again Ive read through your post on your house being demolished in the tornado. Ive also read through the posts that you have made since. You are certainly an amazing person. I wont say you are coping well, as I don't know this for certain. But your lovely posts about the family show that your life continues on in spite of the huge losses that you have gone through this year, and I so hope that you are doing well.
I was delighted to read that you have a little grandchild on the way. A brand new family member to make new memories with, is so delightful to hear.

Marian Poirier

HI Charla Anne,

Just checking in on you and letting you know I'm praying for you. I'm so happy to hear the news about the baby coming in January, the engagement, Kayla's trip, Lily's journal and Jaxson's school excitement. Keep turning to Him as you are. xxoo


Congratulations on the up coming grandbaby! Enjoyed reading the updates on your children. May God continue to hold you all in His arms. So thankful the insurance helped you ❤️ Much love ❤️


Dear Charla Anne,
thank you verry much for your post. I was so worried about your family and your future. I love to hear about the new baby and the strong ties of your family.
Praying for you all,


Dear Charla,
Your grace and strength in the face of adversity continues to awe me. Congrats on the upcoming marriage and grandbaby. I pray that God continues to make Himself known to you and your family.



I have been honored to have a front row seat to watch your strong courage in the middle of the worst storms in our lives. I hope I can be half the mother you are. I love you so much.

Miriam Martins

What good news !! I am very happy for the happy news. I know God will help you on this new journey. Stay strong. ❤❤🌻🌻

Frankie Jean Mullinax

Dear Charla, God bless you and the children. You are in my prayers.

Ruthie Swilling

Thank you for the update, Charla. I am lifting you and your sweet family up in prayers. Galin is now looking down on you all and he will be eagerly awaiting you in Heaven with open arms. I pray that you will soon be able to turn your wailing into dancing and be clothed in joy. You have endured so much. Yet, like Job, you are still praising God in the midst of all your sadness. I’m humbled and amazed by your faith, dear one. Send you love from Boston.

Chantel Calder

Just wanted to send some love your way. Thank you for keeping us updated. Your family is so beautiful. Your faith is inspiring. Your heart is so true and strong. Blessings, dear one.

Gilmara Monteiro

Orando por ti e sua família minha querida Charla!
Deus está no controle de tudo! 🕇🛐❤Bjos nessa linda família e outro em especial para você! 🌻😙Descanse em Deus, Ele cuida dos seus!🙏Bjos de uma amiga aqui do Brasil!⚘💕😊



Your kind words bring comfort to my hurting heart. Thank you for taking the time to leave such encouraging words. I thank God for you each one of you. xox


Charla, your family is so beautiful! Your honest expressions of deep sorrow, yet hope in your God, remind me of David when he expressed himself so beautifully in the timeless psalms. We love you so much!


Your comment touched my heart. I have been reading/crying my way through Psalms since Galin died.
I love you sweet sister,

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