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September 18, 2019


Sannetta Marsh

Goodness, I will never forget this day and all the beautiful acts of love and kindness amidst the destruction. So many many people loving on your family and trying to help ease your family’s loss with their compassionate and giving hearts. I am so grateful that James was one of the many who felt such a sense of compassion and was willing to do anything to help. I know for a fact that Galin and you both were just reaping what you’ve sewn into the lives of others that day and in the days since. I love you so very much, this post made me cry happy bittersweet tears.


Such sweetness between those 2 little boys!! It makes me soo happy that they have each other to be such good friends! Your words are beautiful! The pictures of your house brings tears to my eyes. Only God knows the “why”!! I love you dear Charla!


Oh wow, what a beautiful thing to see... James sharing his precious June Bob, and he and Jaxson holding hands. So so lovely.
What a crazy thing to see, the photos of your home. Just like the last comment, only God knows why, I'm so glad you are holding on to your faith Charla Anne, you are a light to me and to many!! xo

Denise Lopes

Hello my name is Denise. I found your blog by chance surfing the net. I was very sorry for your husband's departure as the loss of your home. My heart was tight with so many losses you went through with your family. I've read your blog more than once, and yesterday I was very late doing that. I think that's the way I found it to show that I care about your pain. I will be praying for dear Jesus to take good care of his great love as well as his family. You still have a long walk here with your children Jaxson and Lilly. Be well, you are in my prayers.



Rita Vulgamore

Oh my! What love from this precious child when his friend/cousin felt so alone! <3 <3 <3


What tender photos and what a tender and beautiful friendship between these two little cousins! It pulls at the heart strings.... Thank you for sharing.

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