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September 06, 2019


Judy McQueen

Deqr Charla, what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful dad and husband. this is wonderful for the children to express and for you to read and for us to read as well. May the Lord continue to give you all comfort and strength as you go through the valley. He is Able to carry you through.
Love, Judy McQueen


Your gift of capturing moments is so meaningful now. Lots of tears. 💔 xo


Beautiful and Heartbreaking! 💔 A life well lived! ((Hugs)) to you sweet cousin! Love ya!

Sannetta Marsh

There’s nothing more meaningful than these photos. Wow! What a man! Love You!


Just so very sweet....thank you for sharing. And I rejoice to hear again what a man of God he was. What an example to spur us on as we run the race set before us with endurance, fixing our eyes on Jesus!

Mary Murphey

Charla, thank you for sharing the godly grace of Galin's life through the words of your children. Such sweetness in the midst of sadness. Love and prayers for you all. ❤️

Dorothy Keller

Such beautiful tributes to a wonderful Dad. His legacy will live forever in the hearts of his children. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, I really admire Galin even more now and God has a good man by His side. Blessings and peace to you all.


Beautiful pictures and beautiful words of love...think of you so much. ((Hugs))


My heart grieves for your precious family- but how wonderful that you have captured so many beautiful memories for you and your children in the coming years. Thank you for sharing your life, trials and all with us. You and your wonderful husband and family are truly an inspiration - Gods love displayed .

Miriam Martins

You are a really Family. Wonderful.


Your children's words are powerful and the photos so, so precious! What a wonderful, wonderful husband and dad Galin was. His influence, example, and prayers will live on through you and his children.

Elisabeth Wiberg

wow.Thank you for sharing! What a family you are. Could hardly see to read because of the tears in the end..
Amazing. Heartbreaking. Beautiful.
It encourage me to be a more loving mother and wife to my girls and husband.
All things are possible with God.
With love

Rita Vulgamore

Charla, I loved reading the beautiful words of love the kids have about their Dad. So not only you, felt his love, but they did as well! He definitely sounds like a prize! The pictures were beautiful as well! lots of love coming to you all! Rita

Ana Fernandes

Big love, so big that can reach us through your posts. Beautiful...

Frankie Jean Mullinax

If only every child could say such words about their father; what a world this would be.
So exemplary or our love for the Heavenly Father and his love for us.
God bless you and the sweet children and comfort each one of you through all the hurt.

Jennifer Rima

What precious and touching tributes to their father. He must have been amazing, and was absolutely loved and adored by them. 💛💛💛


Your comments are so special. Thank you to each one of you.

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