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October 16, 2019



Such an adorable kid.
You ARE precious dear Carla.
Can't wait to see your beautiful photos, maybe your grand child motivate you👶💝😍


Charla, I have been following your blog for a long time, long enough to have followed Lily's growth and all that she has been sharing over the years. It's not usual to leave comments, but now I can't avoid. When I started following the blog, I thought they were all brothers, only then I realized that Charla and Galin were a couple and the rest your children. This may sound a bit stupid, but they were all so young and beautiful that they all seemed the same age (the older ones, of course). I was following the blog because I loved the photos, the quality of the image, the composition and the colors that conveyed so much peace. And than I began to realize your attitude towards life, the world and God. Regardless of one's religious beliefs, I greatly respect those who believe in the divine, those who believe in humanity, the value and meaning of life. It takes more people in the world like that. It takes more people in the world like you, like your family. When I realized that Galin was sick, I believed I was going to get over it. The photos of your family made me imagine a perfect life, without problems and even less without diseases. When I read Galin's death post, I couldn't believe it and couldn't keep the tears from running down my cheeks. Today, reading this post, I decided to send this comment as if it was a request. As if you could ask something from someone you don't really know. But I ask anyway. Please be sure to photograph your wonderful children, all of them. A day later, you'll miss the photos you didn't make. And they will feel it too. I ask you to make sure you live each day to the best of your ability. For you, for your children and for your husband. Somewhere he will be looking for you and will be reassured if he sees that he is well. Be sure to live Charla. Life does not always lead us the way we want, or the easy way, but we can never give up on life, on living, on being human. We do not know God's designs, and they do not always seem to be righteous, but we must face the day with the inner tranquility that tomorrow will be better. For yourself, for your children and for your husband ... don't give up!

Thank you for reading and forgive me for the boldness of my words.

Sannetta Marsh

Oh my heart! I love this boy and his joy. It’s been much harder for me to enjoy photographing and documenting my life too bc I feel like there’s so much less joy in life. You will eventually feel like documenting your life again...if you want to do a photo project with me to jump start your doing so I would love to walk beside you on this. I love you so very much sister!

Cori Ballard


I hope this reaches you well. I am very moved by your story and I would love to do something in Gailin's honor. I am interested in teaming up with volunteers to make Posie Dolls for children undergoing cancer treatment. We could name the organization, "Gailin's Girls". We can also have fundraiser events where dolls are auctioned to raise money for cancer research. These are just some rudimentary ideas but I really love the premise. Please contact me if you are interested. I would really like to see this come to life.

I hope you are well and I hope you know people all around the world care for you.

Much love,



Sweet pictures and his words! ❤️
Give yourself time everything you’re feeling is a normal process of grief. I’ve felt the same way. Just try to snap pics on your phone. (Hugs)


Oh how sweet! He loves you so.....! He does a great job in expressing how much! I’m
thankful he has such a wonderful Mommy! Love you! ❤️


Love that boy and his ability to express his love for you.... Hugs and prayers.

Marla Miller

Such sweet words for his Moma. Love and hugs to you.💔🙏


Such a sweet boy.
Ooohh Charla
Just give youself time. I really hurt with you. I have experienced loss of another kind and I believe that in time your creativity will have more dimensions then you ever thought possible.
Just let all sorrow and sadness come out in Whatever way that comes natural for who you are. Cry and make sure you give and recieve a lot of hugs. ❤ and I pray God Will give you unexpected joy so much needed during this time.
And do some fun things to lift your everyday even though it might not feel like fun planning it. I believe It Will do you Good when you are at it.
It seems like you have a wonderful family and that is a true blessing.


Charla, we're praying for you and your lovely family. Photographing is a great therapy for soul recover. I encourage you to do it. I imagine so proud Galin is of you all.


Thank you for taking the time to leave such kind and encouraging words. They mean so much to me. You all are the best. xox


Cori, I will email you❤️

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