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February 25, 2020



These are the most precious photos! Thank you for sharing them with us. I am so sorry for the incredible heartbreak you felt as you walked into that hospital without Galin by your side. Love you so much.

Mrs. Kelley Dibble

The circle of life. Baby Jack Galin sure is a champ. What a precious li’l guy.

*hugs* to you, dear lady. I rejoice over you with joy, Grandmother. We just had our third last October. Nothing like it, is there?

Psalm 4:8

Sannetta Marsh

I can’t imagine those strong mixed emotions you felt that day. So so sorry sis! I love you and thank you for always sharing your heart with us here! These are just beautiful images!


Congratulations! Such a wonderful gift to lift your heart. 💕


What. Joy for you all. His grandfather will be watching over him xx


Precious 💙


Babies bring joy to the heart <3.
God bless him and his parents xxx

Gilmara Monteiro

Querida Charla , doeu meu coração só de ler suas emoções ao entrar por aquelas portas do hospital sem seu Amor ao seu lado, mas creia , ele estava e está em seus corações e pensamentos mais fortes que podes imaginar... ❤
Ooowwnn , 💙como o Jack é precioso e amado! Parabéns vovó pelo lindo presente de Deus para essa família linda ... que alegrias e bênçãos esse novo membro da família lhes trouxe!!
Felicidades aos pais ao bebê Jack Galin e a você Charla! Viva todas as emoções e alegrias que Deus tem proporcionado à toda sua família! Parabéns pelo lindo neto! Aqui do Brasil bjos e orações sempre de sua amiga ... Gil.

Rita Vulgamore

So thankful that God walked with you and
gave you peace & love as you saw your beautiful
grandson! Congratulations! He is gorgeous! 💙💙


What a gift! I'm so happy for you to have this little treasure.
I'm so sorry you could not share this with your Galin.

You seems like such close, loving and special family. I believe Galin will continue to live in your hearts through your shared love and memories. And this sweet little baby will not only share his name but his love and everything he was to all of you through his close family. May God bless and be close to your heart Grandmother 😊❤!!! ...and I praise and thank the Lord that he blessed his parents and you all with this precious little boy.


Thank you for caring. Your words bring joy to my heart. xox

Jennifer Rima

He is absolutely precious!! Just sooo adorable. Warmest congratulations. 💛 And your daughter's wedding day looked so beautiful too!! Sending continual prayers of peace and comfort to you and your beautiful family. 🤗💛


You are so kind. Thank you, Jennifer. xox

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