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i love your blog,, , and i love your needlework. . do you sell kits, patterns or do you post them? I have a little grandaughter that would love this little set of dolls and house... or can you direct me to a book or site to copy the patterns. love your sewing... thanks for sharing. Penny

They are absolutely adorable!! I just made a few dolls using the pattern you posted for the doll garland. My three year old loves them! She would go nuts for the little house! Is that something you will be selling in your shop???

absolutely adorable! Great work full of love!

You have a shop?? Oh my. . where? online? I would buy these for sure. . but seriously where is your shop.. . your ideas are fabulous... thanks for sharing

Please please publish and sell this pattern if you haven't already! Too cute!

This is the most amazing, creative thing I've seen in a long time! Love your blog :)

Wow Is simplemente beautiful love all, the house is so cute. It was an excellent idea. Your little must be super happy.

ok, i can't sew, but i must have a set of these!!! do you sell?

Awesome, awesome. Beautiful and LOVE YOUR WORK and DETAILS. Love reading your blog because it makes me
happy :-).

oh wow!! soooooooo adorable!!!! your cuteness you create simply amazes me :D

I thought your daughter in mickey mouse ears was so sweet and then I saw the dolls and accessories you made for her and I wanted to make them too! How cute!!

I found your blog through a pin on Pintrest.
This is so adorable! Does the felt just stick on the felt (dresses on girls for example) or did you use a little Velcro? My baby girl has 7 weeks (give or take, of course) until her arrival but I'm sure she'd love these in a few years, what girls wouldn't? Shoot... this would keep ME quite in church! ;)

Eeeeeeeep <3
Your crafty & creative talent never ceases to amaze me sweet friend :) Love, love, love those and am sure Lily will treasure those forever. If you decide to sell a pattern (or dolls just like those) count me in on the buyers-list :)))

Lots of love, hugs & kisses from Germany,
Jesse xoxoxo

This is really too cute! Did you use special wool felt for making the dolls, or is it just regular felt from JoAnns?

I love this...do you sell them in your shop? I would so buy these for me...I mean my grand daughters. lol I actually work in a child care center and would love to have these for my classroom.

Saw this on pinterest today. Please please tell me you sell these. My niece needs them!!

Just darling! What a creative mind you have! This is one of those projects that makes me wish I had a little one to create for.

I discovered your blog through Pinterest, as well, and your posts make me smile every time. When I see your blog pop up on my Google Reader list I get a little giddy, knowing there's something wonderfully pretty, inspiring and imaginative coming up!

I'm sure these were quite time consuming to make, but PLEASE let us know if you do decide to make a few to sell. As all the comments have indicated, they would sell like hot cakes!


Adorable!!! I don't sew either. I'd so buy a set for my daughter. She is 7.5 and a doll fanatic.

Oh my goodness. I am so.in.love. What fabulousness. My niece would love these and I would love making them (might be tempted to keep them haha!) Are you considering sharing/selling your pattern? I just came across your blog from pinterest and it is so lovely. Your children are gorgeous and so are all your other creations. ;)

just found your blog via pinterest!!!
YOu are amazing- thank you for sharing so many wonderful things

This is adorable!

I love all the little crafty things you share, but this just has to be the cutest. Count me as one who would love to buy a pattern.

I have been thinking about these all day!! Do you mind sharing if you sewed felt to the back of the clothes - is that how they stay on the dolls? You are incredibly talented!

Love it! Love it! I want to make one for my little girl's birthday :-)

I love this, I'm going to borrow the concept for my niece. They're living in a small house so this would be the perfect doll's house for her.

Love this. What a wonderful idea. Where do you find your beautiful fabrics?

LOVE this!! so cute! Need to sell these too :)

Did you back the sweet little dresses in felt to make them stick on the dolls? :)

so from all the comments and the very "likes" either you have to make a pattern and sell it,, make the dolls and sell them or share all !!! I want to be first in line to buy! Love them.... so so clever...

do you have a pattern that you would be willing to share? I would love to make a set for my girls and nieces birthdays.

You are so creative! LOVE this!

Love it, what a cool craft.

Love this, is there a way to get the pattern? Would love to make this for my granddaughter.

Do you sell these, or do you have a pattern to share?

I love the house idea to store and carry around the dolls. So cute!

This is adorable!! I would love to be able to get a pattern for this for my daughter and niece. SO CUTE!


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I want these! Will they be in your Etsy Shop?

Please sell these!

I just love your dolls, so child friendly and beautiful, your tutorials are lovely as well. Have you ever considered writing a book you sure would have many of us running out to buy it so that we could make lots of lovelies for our children. Your blog is beautiful and so is everything you make:)

Your blog is delicious. Love your sunshiny spirit. Thank you.

Hello!! Your project with dolls is really so lovely and full of inspiration! Jolana

PS: Your blog is great! :-)

These are darling and I'd be interested in buying a set if they are ever put on etsy.

I would love to purchase your pattern. This would be something my Granddaughters would cherish. Your work is darling. Thank you for sharing.

I've been looking through your blog and I must say, I'm amazed. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I will come back for more, that's for sure! Thank you for the inspiration! Greetings from Sweden.

Will you let me know when you get the pattern in your shop? My granddaughter's 2nd birthday is the end of July and I would love to make this for her birthday. It is sooo cute and I know her mom would love for her to have it in church! Thanks you sooo much!

I love this and am inspired to make one for my daughter.

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